I have a LOT of makeup brushes. So many that at times I’m not really sure what to do with all of them. I mean, use them, of course, but confession, I don’t really use all of them. I have my favorite 10 that are my go-to, but even then, you can only use one brush at a time.

I needed brush storage and since I and my OCD cannot stand to see them cluttered over the counter, I had to find a stylish (and cheap) way to organize them.

In came the gold spray paint and the rest is¬†history! Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE me some gold spray paint! I came across these cute little vases from DollarTree, that I tend to use for everything BUT flowers ūü§Ē.

I used some painters tape to create some abstract designs and spray painted away. After peeling the tape off, I added some diamond confetti and my cute DIY Makeup Brush Holders were done!

I hope you guys enjoy! Tag me if you try this project, I would love to see what you come up with!

Beauty Secrets: The Formula for a Flawless Foundation Application

Hi, beauties!
When I first started wearing makeup I used to write each step of the “makeup process” down in order to remember how to put it on correctly. As I got used to applying makeup every day I developed my own routine and no longer needed my makeup to do list.
Every time I meet someone who’s new to the wonderful world of makeup I ALWAYS get the question of “which order do I apply this stuff” and “what do I need for a full application”. Since I can’t go around and write little personalized sticky notes for everyone to put on their vanity mirrors (no really I have literally made about 40 of those). I decided to make something a little bit cuter that you can pin and save for later!
 Now that you have your very own makeup application to-do list, or whatever it is that you want to call it, go and blend, blend, blend until your arms fall off!


Beauty 101: Great Foundations for Every Skin Type

Wearing foundation can be a very scary thing, especially when your not sure where to start! With so many different kinds of foundation available on the market,  I can definitely understand why it may be confusing to figure out which foundation you should buy.

Here are some suggestions of great foundation options to try based on your individual skin type.



Having normal skin doesn’t mean that your skin is perfect, but it IS pretty close to it! Since you don’t have to worry about any scarring, excess oil, or dryness, you may want to opt for a lighter coverage foundation. ¬†BB Creams and other tinted moisturizers are perfect for those with normal skin who only need to even out the skin tone.

(Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- $9, Revlon ColorStay- $12, Urban Decay Naked Skin- $40)


If your skin is prone getting excessively shiny by lunch time, you definitely want to make sure that you’re using an oil-free formula foundation. In addition, you may want to choose a matte finish to help keep your complexion clear and smooth out throughout the day. Try to stick with a lightweight medium coverage foundation, as heavier formulas may clog up pores,¬†causing even more oil production, and actually worsening the issue. Another technique that is useful when it comes to dealing with oily skin is setting your foundation with a powder to further reduce shine.

¬†(Maybelline Fit Me–¬†$8, L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte-¬†$13, Kat Von D Lock It-¬†$35,¬†Makeup Forever HD-¬†$43)



Moisture is the¬†key to wearing foundation with dry skin. Try¬†to¬†incorporate lots of moisture into your application routine by properly moisturizing your face before applying foundation.¬†To avoid¬†cake-y, flake-y, and un-even application it’s best to go¬†for a moisturizing formula with a dewey finish, or a luminous foundation to give you that extra glow. It is recommended to avoid powder foundation as liquid and creams will be your best options.

(Black Opal True Color Creme- $9, Revlon Colorstay- $12, Nars Sheer Glow- $45)


Combination skin is one of¬†the trickiest skin types to have, it is also one of the most common. Unfortunately, the combination skin war is a war of two battles, some areas tend to produce excess oil while other areas on the face can become dry and flakey. For this reason, it’s best to make sure that the¬†entire face is fully moisturized before¬†applying an oil-free¬†formula foundation.

(Revlon ColorStay- $12, Makeup Forever HD- $43, Bobbi Brown Long Wear- $48)

Acne Prone

Acne prone skin is a headache to deal with because not only is it prone to breakouts, but it usually comes with enlarged pores and excessive oil. ¬†This type of skin is also prone to scarring, so a medium to full coverage formula going to be your best option for a more flawless look. You also may want to consider opting for a “natural” or “mineral” infused foundation to help you heal while you conceal.

(Elf Acne Fighting- $6, Bare Minerals Original- $29, Estee Lauder DoubleWear- $38)


Sensitive skin is often easily irritated and prone to itching, burning, and redness. Any type of product that you use with this skin type requires extra care. Just like when you’re handling your skin, you want to make sure that you are using makeup products that are gentle and natural. Be mindful of the ingredients as to avoid any allergens. There are a lot of foundation brands that are formulated specifically for those more sensitive skin types. Depending on the severity you may need to consider a medicated option.


(Neutrogena Healthy Skin- $13, Bare Minerals Original- $29, Cover FX Natural- $40)


As we begin to get older, our skin becomes more prone to drying out easily and forming fine lines. Light, moisture rich, dewy, and luminous foundations work best for this skin type. You want to stay away from matte and heavier, full coverage foundations because they will flatten the face too much and bring unwanted attention to the imperfections in the skin. The main objective is to balance out the complexion, brighten, and reflect light to lift the skin.

(L’Oreal True Match Lumi- $11, Estee Lauder Double Wear Light- $38,¬†Nars Sheer Glow- $45)

It is possible that your skin could fall under more than one of the categories above. I definitely recommend that you try out a few different foundations to figure out which ones suit best for you.



Want to try the high-end foundations for FREE? Sephora gives out free samples of any of the foundations in the store. Just request them from one of the store associates. Thank me later ūüôā


Beauty Rules: 3 Basic Rules for Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrows are literally EVERYTHING these days. I mean, I usually notice a person’s brows before I even look at their full face….I know vain, right?

With so many tutorials available at your disposal, in 2016 you have zero excuses to be caught with bad brows.  Doing, shaping, and filling in your eyebrows can be as easy or as hard as we make it.

Even though there is no ONE method to the eyebrow madness, there are a few basic rules you should follow when trying to achieve maximum fleeky-ness!

1. Use the correct color to fill in.

Eyebrows are usually the first thing people see on your face so you want to make them look as natural as possible. Nothing is worse than trying to fake an eyebrow using the wrong color! Making sure that the color you are using to fill in your brows is as close as possible to your natural (or current) eyebrow color will help you achieve a natural, non-drawn-on look.

2. Use short light-handed strokes.

The purpose of “filling” in our eyebrows is to make them look as if they are naturally fuller, as if “I woke up like this”. When you use drawn out, heavy lines, on your eyebrows they tend to turn out too harsh. Using short light strokes when filling in those brows actually mimics and gives the appearance of real hair.

*Quick tip: Using a freshly sharpened pencil helps the strokes to come out more “hair-like”.

3. Use concealer to clean up those edges.

Concealer is like the icing on the cake when it comes to bomb eyebrows. Using a good concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your foundation will help clean up any mistakes, hide any ratchet hairs growing in and give your eyebrows that freshly waxed look. Be mindful of making sure that your concealer is not too dark or too light (or too dry) as that can counter-effect your brows and actually ruin them instead of sealing the deal. Also, be sure to blend out the concealer with your foundation.

So now that you know the basic rules of a good eyebrow technique, be a good friend and share this article.¬†Friends don’t let friends have bad brows.¬†They just don’t.

What are your tips for a good eyebrow technique? Leave them in the comments below!

Luscious Lips: Christian Louboutin Set to Launch Luxury Lipstick Collection

picture: Christian Louboutin

Hello lover!

It’s totally happening people. Creator of the world’s most coveted red-soled stilettos, Christian Louboutin, has ventured into the world of makeup, giving us luxury in a tube.

After the launch of his premier nail polish line last year, Christian Louboutin is further expanding his high fashion brand with quite possibly the most glamorous lipstick ever, set to debut this Fall.

picture: Christian Louboutin

The collection includes 3 finishes- Silky Satin, Sheer Voile, and (my personal favorite) Velvet Matte. There are 38 collection-inspired shades to choose from; think bold pinks, dark wines, naughty nudes, and of course the iconic Louboutin red.

The packaging definitely lives up to the Louboutin standards, with Egyptian inspired gold pointed tubes, mimicking mermaid tails and luxury bullets dipped in gold, with tiny little golden crown shaped caps. The signature colors are laced in black lacquer to stand out from the rest, as if anything Louboutin would ever be considered to “fit in”-ha!

picture: Christian Louboutin

What’s also really neat is that the lipstick actually doubles as a jewelry. Yes, you read that correctly, jewelry. There is a loop in the crown where you can attach a ribbon to wear your new high-end lipstick as a pendant. Pretty cool huh?

Of course the best things in life never come cheap so you can expect to pay a pretty penny for such a luxurious lippie, $90 to be exact.

picture: Christian Louboutin

The collection will launch on and at SAKS in September of 2015, so start saving up your coins now ladies!

What do you think? Will you be purchasing?

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Beauty Secret: 5 Reasons To Add A Gel Mask To Your Beauty Regimen


For the longest time I’ve always wondered just what the hell those gel eye masks were for. I remember my mom having an extensive collection of 3 or 4 of these colorful things at any given time. So when I saw one pop up on sale over at Ruelala I decided to do my research and see what I was missing out on. 

1. Soothe irritated skin
A cold gel eye mask is the perfect non medicated way to relieve yourself of red, itchy allergy eyes. A quick 10-minute session won’t cure your sinuses but it will totally relieve your eyes so you don’t have to worry about rubbing off your eye makeup. Your welcome.
2. Reduce puffiness and tired eyes
As a night owl myself I know first hand the dangers of staying up all night with somewhere to be the next morning. You often end up with tired, puffy eyes the next morning that your concealer just won’t cooperate with. A quick morning session with a cold gel eye mask will leave you not only feeling refreshed but looking like you’ve had a healthy dose of beauty rest too.
3. Helps reduce dark circles, fine lines, and wrinkles
Did you know that the struggle with dark circles under your eyes comes from regular sleep deprivation? Premature wrinkling and fine lines are brought on by tugging on the skin. Stop these things in their tracks by adding a weekly 20 minute re-up session with a cold gel eye mask. The constant attention and therapy will cause skin cells to rejuvenate and appear more radiant!
4. Moisturize 
In addition to tugging on skin, wrinkles can appear as a result of dry and/or cracked skin. Treating your face weekly with a gel mask will also help to add, restore, and retain moisture to your skin creating a youthful, moisturized, and overall healthier appearance.
5. Relieve sinus irritation, headaches, and migraines 
Have you ever heard the term “hot-headed”? Tension and stress builds up behind your eyes (especially if your staring at a computer screen all day) causing all kind of head heating headaches, migraines, and sore eyes. Sometimes all you need is a quickie with your gel mask to relieve and relax the stress away. 
Are You Interested In Trying A Gel Mask? Let Me Know Your Thoughts Below!
Instagram: @lannafoxxfab

Fabulous Falsies: The Best False Eyelashes for Your Buck

They’re every woman’s secret weapon. Long, voluminous, fluttering eyelashes. Although most of us beauties weren’t exactly born with them as voluptuous as we’d like there’s a quick fix for that. Falsies–whether you love them, hate them, or hate to love them I think we’d all agree that false eyelashes are essential to give that extra OOMPH that plain old mascara by its self just can’t pull off. I’ve gotten so many questions about which eyelashes are best, for look, price, beginners, and not-so-really-makeup wearers check out the links below and let me know what you think!

Be warned- I don’t exactly believe in shelling out $25 for a single pair of “re-useable” eyelashes so I’ve taken the liberty of testing out the more affordable (and equally as glamorous) options for us beauties on a budget.

These are by far my absolute FAVORITE brand of falsies! On top of having SO many different styles to choose from Red Cherry Lashes are also extremely durable, easy to apply, and easy to clean. With a retail price of about $3 a pair ($2 if you buy wholesale on EBay) you can choose a dramatic style or a natural style and restasure to know that these high quality falsies will last you talent 3-4 wears.

These are my second go-to false eyelash brand. Although their selection is not as extensive as the coveted Red Cherries, they do have a few nice styles on their roster; cough cough Demi Wispies cough. At a retail price of about $4, they too are a pretty durable and workable brand. Not to mention Ardell Lashes are uber convenient, they can be easily found at your local Walgreens.

Now I know I mentioned earlier about not paying $25 for lashes, for one pair of lashes? No. For a box of 10 pairs of lashes? ABSOLUTLEY! What Lashes In A Box does is genius, they offer you 10 pairs of high quality ultra chic lashes at just $2 a pair. They have about 14 different styles of upper lashes and get this, 3 styles of lower lashes! Now you can show your lower lashes some glamorous love too ūüôā

For those of you that aren’t so into “real hair” in your false eyelashes, Sonia Kashuk offers an affordable and stylish alternative with their synthetic fiber falsies. These eyelashes come in a (small) variety of styles and are easily accessible at your local Target. Beware: some people feel that because of the thick band on these lashes they might a bit harder to apply, however they are very durable and also easy to clean which means that they will last for plenty of uses.

As a beginner eyelashes may seem like terrifying territory. has a plethora of wholesale Asian eyelash brands that are perfect for practicing and perfecting your falsie application. Brands like Bundle Monster and Eye Splashes offer as much as 70 pairs of false eyelashes for as little as $15. Be mindful that these are not the highest quality falsies and are composed of synthetic fibers instead of hairs therefore reuse of these disposable options are not recommended for reuse..although with 70 pairs do you really need to stretch them? (lol) 
Which Brand of False Eyelashes Are Your Favorite? Have You Tried Any of the Eyelash Brands Mentioned Above? If You Have Please Comment Below, and Let Us Know What YOU Think!

Nail’d It: Top Nail Color Trends for Fall 2014

Welcome to November! It seems like the season is flying by, I swear summer just ended a week ago and now Christmas is around the corner.

On my way to the nail salon today, I couldn’t decide on which color to complement my fall wardrobe so I chose 6, enjoy!

1. Gray
Your NEW favorite neutral! There is something so subtle and sexy about the mysterious smoky gray (or grey…whatever).

 photocred: redcarpet-fashion

2. Blue
Whether its dark, royal, powder, or ice any shade of blue is sure to look “cool” on your hands during the fall/ winter season.

3. Emerald Green
Doesn’t this color remind you of Christmas? Red is so common during the holiday season, wow your wardrobe with something a little different this year. You can thank me later ūüôā

4. Red
Red is one of those vintage nail colors, good in any season, with any outfit. Take it step further by playing with shades of red. My fav for this year- Oxblood


5. Metallic/ Glitter
Every girl loves a little sparkle. This fall let your nails shine with a full glitter manicure or just a hint of metallic design. The double takes will be so worth it!

6. Nude
When in doubt, seek nude. You can NEVER go wrong with this sophisticated hue.
Which colors will YOU be rocking this fall?

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Riri Hearts MAC Holiday Collection (REVIEW+GIVEAWAY!!) ***CLOSED***

I freaking LOVE giveaways!
Rihanna teamed up yet again with monstrous makeup label MAC Cosmetics to collaborate on a second line, Riri Hearts MAC Holiday Collection.
I got my hands on two of the lipsticks from this collection, below is my review+swatches.
This collection also included some other items as well; one additional lipstick (Riri Woo), blushes, bronzers, nail and lacquers.

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4. Leave a comment with your instagram name and which lipstick color was your favorite from this collection!
Ends March 28th 2014
Winner will be chosen at random and posted HERE on 3/29/2014
Good Luck!
Winner: Jambeauty098280 (youtube)

Please contact me with your shipping information via Youtube asap.

Which Riri Hearts MAC collection do you like better; Summer or Holiday?

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Makeup Monday: RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Collection Lipstick Review + Swatches

(L-R: RiRi Woo, RiRi Boy, Heaux)

I know it’s been about a month or so since this collection has come out (I have a TON of products to review, I just haven’t got around to them yet) so I’m super late with this review but here it is!

After waiting online for approximately 2 hours, I finally got my hands on all three shades of this much anticipated lipstick line.

In addition to the previously released cool red ‘RiRi Woo’ (June 2013) the online exclusive included two other shades; vivid lavender ‘RiRi Boy’, and matte berry ‘Heaux’ (absolutely FABULOUS name by the way).

All of them are retro matte, which is about as matte as you can get (and one of MAC’s most popular formulas). You’ll either really love it, or really hate it. Personally I think mattes are TDF (to die for) so this collection was right up my alley!

RiRi Woo
Almost identical to its brother from another mother ‘Ruby Woo’. This version of the classic red is slightly darker, emphasis on slightly.

RiRi Boy
Lavenders are a huge hit this summer and this one is definitely one to have in your collection. Not as pale as Viva Glam Nicki 2, infact im not even sure I would call this one a pastel. However is is an awesome shade of lilac.

This super sexy berry, though not really a summery color, will definetly fit right in with your fall wardrobe. Did I mention that berry lipsticks are so “IN” this fall?  

They are a bit drying, so as with all matte lipsticks, be sure to prep your lips properly with a super moisturizing lip primer. Also be sure to exfoliate your lips before applying as this lipstick will highlight any lip crust dead skin you have lingering around.

The color pay off is gorgeous, super pigmented from the first swipe. Initial application lasts all day with barely any touch up needed.

Overall I was pleased with RiRi’s summer collab. Each color can be worn with a variety of skin tones. I would have expected a more tropical palette of color from the Bajan beauty but I see she decided to go with her sexier side with this collection (shocker).

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Were you able to get any lippies from this collection? Which one is your favorite?