The Mompreneurs: Mamas In Business Event

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending The Mompreneurs Mamas In Business Event at the Atlanta Ballet.

Although I arrived late due to a scheduling conflict (family wedding to attend), I still left with a vast amount of knowledge. Well worth the $50 admission ticket, if I must say so myself.

The panel consisted of 9 beautiful and successful supermoms:

Melanie Marie @melrwhite

Andrea Hamilton @fashiondree @theory_comm

Joi Pearson @ubringmejoi @joi_stik @joipearsonphoto

Neffi Walker @neffiwalker

Lauren Williams @lodwill

Iman Ramadan @thefreshhotel

Eliana B. @ellybevents

Nakeia Chomer @nakeiachomer

Jai Jai @funhousejaijai

Andrea Hamilton is the co-founder of her own PR Firm, Theory Communications, a very prominent communications agency here in Atlanta. I got the chance to chat with her and her sister, Erica Hamilton (and also co-founder of Theory Communications), one-on-one about some of my own personal struggles with social media. Aside from the bomb gems that she dropped on me, I was delighted at how open and willing she was to offer such valuable knowledge. If that doesn’t scream girl-power then I don’t know what does.

Lauren Williams was another gem that I really appreciated connecting with. Although I didn’t get a chance to talk to her one on one, I love how open and transparent she was with her struggles in business. As a devoted mom to her daughter Baleigh, COO of her own hair company, and head of management for her sister Porsha Williams (RHOA) she wasn’t afraid to open up and tell us how things are not always perfect behind the scenes, despite what people may see or think. I really appreciated her for that.

In addition to giving us insight on how she juggles raising her son AND running multiple business at the same time, Joi Pearson introduced us to her nifty, patented gadget the Joi Stik, the solution for hands free social live-streaming. Check her website out for more information!

Melanie Marie was the organizer for the event. I’ve followed her on social media for some time now and I admire the way that she brands herself throughout her platforms. Melanie owns her own jewelry boutique, blog, and manages her cutie pie daughter’s modeling career. When she posted about this event, I KNEW this was going to be something that I could benefit from. After meeting Melanie in person I can truly say that she was just as sweet as I’d thought she’d be. She put together an amazingly helpful event to connect working mama’s and help us gain some perspective on how to be the best that we can possibly be.

This was such an inspiring event. It was nice to see these businesswomen, in such a relatable light. I think a lot of times people look at the finished product or the social feed and idolize these lifestyles that we think are so picture perfect, when in reality it is just that, the picture is perfect. Behind the scenes are real women with real lives that run real businesses and also have real responsibilities.

(Here’s me, soaking in all the mompreneur goodness)

I also value the that we had so many prospectives on this panel. We heard from new moms with children that were just a few months old and also mom’s who had teenage, and even adult children. We heard from those who obtained masters degrees and those who never even finished school and how they built success on their own terms.

Now on to the food. Girl…the food. Let me just put a visual in your minds about this food. There were chicken and red velvet waffle skewers, 24-karat gold flaked glazed donuts, strawberry shortcake cupcakes, white chocolate covered strawberries, and she even had the chicken and waffles on the cupcakes ya’ll 😩🙌🏾. Although we had “light refreshments” I felt like I’d had a full meal, the way I was tearing those cupcakes up you would have thought I wasn’t supposed to be vegan (that’s another conversation for another time).

What was even more inspiring was the story behind the chef who created these delectable goodies. @theofficialai shared her story about her time in the military as a chef and being medically discharged. She too was a mompreneur, serving full time in the armed forces, while running her online boutique, chef’n up these baked goodies AND being an awesome mommy to her sons. Talk about a full plate! You can check her out on her instagram @theofficialai .

All in all I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this event and I am glad that I attended! I left SO inspired that I came home and immediately started working on content for the next month!

Follow the organizer @Melrwhite on instagram to stay updated on her MOMPRENEUR events!

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