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Today I want to share my latest DIY project with you. In a previous post , I showed you guys these DIY framed letters that I made for my daughter’s room.

Now that my goddaughter, Skylar, is getting her own room soon, I just HAD to make sure that she had some customized wall art! I mean, a Princess room really isn’t a Princess room unless her name is displayed proudly above her castle, right?

Luckily, I had enough time to film the entire project this time so I could show you guys how I did them from start to finish. Most of the items are from Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Walmart! Click the video below to watch the tutorial!



Not only is this a very easy and inexpensive to add decor to a child’s room, you could also use these letters as wall art in a family room, classroom, or office. Hmmm, I’m getting more ideas as I type! Let me know what you guys think of this project!


Health Rules: 5 Super Simple Daily Changes to Boost Your Health

Ok lets face it, as much as we all would like to think that we are super healthily humans, in reality most of us are just the opposite. Instead of trying some “believe it or not” crash diet, buying bland food that I’m probably never going to eat, or killing myself in the gym, I decided to take real easy most practical approach to improving my health by making small changes to my daily routine.

1.) Take a Multi Vitamin
One of the most prominent reasons why we are not as healthy as we would like to be is because theres a major lack in vitamins and nutrients in our bodies. So, especially if your diet is not ideal, you can definitely benefit from taking a multivitamin twice daily.

2.) Wake Up Earlier
I swear I’m not a morning person, like not at all. However those days when my little one drags me out of the bed before 7am tend to be my more productive days. Im not sure if its because I don’t have to end up in a rush to get out the door but whatever it is, waking up early will make you feel empowered. Even if its just getting up an extra hour early before work, try it and see how much of a difference time makes.

3.) Take a Morning Run Walk
Im not a runner either. If your a runner, great, take a morning run. If your not so much a runner (like me) take a morning walk. Try a brisk walk around the block just after breakfast, the fresh dewey air of the morning will help wake up and rejuvenate your cells. If you have a dog, infants, or toddlers take them with you, they won’t mind coming along for the trip.

4.) Substitute Juice for Water
This one was super easy for me because I don’t drink a lot of carbonated or sugary juices. Water is my beverage of choice, and it should be yours too! Water is soooo good for your body, it helps your organs, your skin, and helps to keep your muscles energized but sadly the amount of water extracted from flavored drinks is hardly enough to keep your body in tip top shape.Im not saying never drink anything other than water in life ever again, but try to substitute your juice or soda for water whenever possible. If you usually have 5 juices a day, try 3 juices and 2 waters, or 2 juice and 3 watersdly the amount of water extracted from flavored drinks is hardly enough to keep your body in tip top shape.

5.) Eat more snacks
Yes, “snacks”. I don’t mean eat 15 bags of Doritos everyday. Im talking in the sense of portion sizes. Doctors and health experts are constantly promoting the idea of eating several small meals a day rather than 3 large ones, and I agree. The problem with our 3 meal a day habit is that these meals are size properly nor are they spaced out properly. Too often are people eating 4 course lunches because they missed breakfast, causing our bodies to go into starvation mode, absorbing all energy & nutrients possible and storing them until your next meal. By eating small portions of meals ever few hours or so, your metabolism can stay on track, your body will be able to store and disperse vitamins properly, you will feel hungry less often, and you will overall have more energy.

6.) Add 10 minutes of Yoga
I know that Yoga isn’t for everybody. However, yoga is the only form of exercise that is as relaxing as it is a huge benefit to your health. Yoga helps circulation, increase cardiovascular health, help manage weight, relieve stress, and even pain. You need little to no equipment to practice and you can do it right in your living room. My favorite do-it-at-home yoga site is and best of all its FREE!

Make a few of these minor changes to your everyday and reap the benefits of a healthier routine!

What small changes have you made to boost up your health lately?

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Smoothie Challenge Day 5: Protein Packed Peanut Butter Vanilla Smoothie!

Today’s Smoothie is inspired by the healthy lifestyle that I so long to live. haha. Every morning Occasionally, I like to get up at 6:30 am and do a light morning workout, a combination of yoga and toning. Today for some reason I felt pretty lightheaded after i was done burning calories, so I thought that it would be a great idea to do a post workout smoothie beverage/ breakfast.


3 tbs of peanut butter
1 cup of vanilla soy milk
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
1 tsp of vanilla extract
1/2 cup of vanilla granola
1/2 cup of blueberries (frozen)

Combine all ingredients into your blender and pulse until smooth. Even though I did use frozen blueberries, I still added a bit of crushed ice while I was blending because I wanted a thicker texture.

The recipe originally found here uses bananas but I didn’t have any left 🙁 so I decided to use frozen blueberries instead. Blueberries are amazing antioxidants, they give your immune system a boost, banish belly fat, and help the digestive system just to name a few of their many beneficial properties.


This is honestly one of the BEST smoothies that I have ever tasted. Its  No joke, its amazing, even London loves it!

                           What do you think about this recipe?

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30 Day Smoothie Challenge!

Smoothies are an excellent source of energy and nutrition especially for people always on the go like me. Buying these power packed purees while out can really add up! The DIY Princess in me always wanted to try making my own smoothies at home but I dreaded the thought of pulling my bulky blender  out everyday.
So I’m searching the internet one day (I have no idea what I was looking for but I can bet you it wasn’t a Nutribullet *side eye*); anyway, I came across a very well priced version of the personal sized blender and decided to give it a try. I debated on wether or not I wanted to buy the Nutribullet but the price was a little to steep for me to spend on something that I barely knew how to use.
                                                        You can find them here and here
By the time I get my little London up, dressed, fed, changed, and down for a nap, its already 1pm and mommy has missed breakfast AND almost lunch. There were times where I’d literally forget to eat; no breakfast, no lunch, and maybe dinner, but then thats not too healthy is it? To stay in shape I definitely need to stay healthy! So, instead of skipping meals all together I decided to find a way to condense them. 
I’ve done my research and found a plethora of recipes both nutritious and tasty. All ingredients are super affordable and interchangeable. There’s a smoothie for pretty much everything, energy, stress,  sleep, breakfast, all types of flavors, the possibilities are endless! For the next 30 days I will be finding and posting new smoothie recipes and letting you know which ones are worth trying. 
My General Recipe:
* Yogurt (my favs are vanilla and toasted coconut)
* Fruit (frozen and fresh)
* Vegetables (mostly spinach and kale)
* Honey (just because its an awesome natural low calorie sweetener)
* Ice (optional, can substitute for frozen fruit)
* Liquid
        – Orange Juice
        – Apple Juice
        – Coconut Milk
        – Almond Milk
        – Soy Milk
 Stay Tuned!

How do you make your smoothies at home?
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