Decorate: DIY Framed Letters

I LOVE to decorate and anyone that knows me knows that I love finding new and creative decor that I can D-I-Y for my home.

We recently moved into a new home where London’s room is not only bigger but a much different shade of pink color than it was at our old house. That means I have plenty of room to DIY it up!

When London was first born my mom bought her these super cute pink glittery letters that spelled out her name, but I procrastinated with putting them up and my teething baby chewed them up pretty badly. Needless to say, I couldn’t use those anymore but I did want to find a creative way to incorporate her name into her new room design.

Browsing the isles of Michaels…or my second home as some like to call it, I came across some small wooden letters, and you guessed it, they were on SALE. So naturally, I picked up all the letters in Miss London’s name and headed to the spray painting isle.

Originally I was going to paint the letters pink and hang them on the walls by bow-tied ribbon, however I was able to find some cheap frames at Dollar Tree and I thought the letters would look SO much cuter in the frames.

I spray painted the frames & letters and used scrapbooking paper as the background. Once everything was dry I put the frames back together (with the scrapbooking paper) and hot glued the letters and ribbon on.

This is how they came out. Super adorable!

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