How I Do An Acrylic Fill On My Nails At Home


The last time that I ever got a full set of acrylic nails from the nail salon was about a year ago. I had gotten an infection on my “brother finger” (as London would say) nail due to some water getting trapped under a lifted area, which by the way is way more dangerous than I realized. When I went to get my nail fixed the nail lady noticed the infection but continued to complete my fill in service without even treating it or advising me to remove the nail.

Well, the next time that I removed my nail polish, my real nail was gone. It was disintegrated by the infection that was left untreated by my “professional”. All I had was skin and a very yellow nail bed. It took my poor nail over 4 months to grow back (talk about inconvenient) all because someone thought it was more important to take my money and get me out of her chair as soon as possible so she could move on to the person behind me.

Busted Nails Watermarked.jpg

If you ever find yourself in a situation where your acrylic nail is lifting from the nail plate, that nail needs to be repaired or removed immediately. Water will end up trapped between those crevices and that is a recipe for mold, bacteria, and disaster.

After that, I swore off “traditional” nail salons and started wearing press ons. Fast forward to this year, as I am a bit more educated on the subject of nails and how to do them, I’ve taken the liberty of doing my own acrylic sets and fills. 

Check out my process from start to finish in the video below 👇🏽

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