Top Luxury Tufted Beds of 2019


Your bedroom is arguably the most important room in your home. You sleep there, which means most of the total time spent inside your home (if you don’t work from home) is spent in your bedroom.

Of course the most lived in room in your home should make you feel as luxurious and comfortable as possible. I love a cute upholstered bed! That’s my vision of the ultimate luxury bed!

We wanted something neutral so it can serve as a non-clashing background for my videos, so we chose to go with grey for our color scheme.

Learn more about the grey tufted bed that we purchased for our bedroom with $0 ad $50/month in this post here.

While I was searching for my dream bed I found a few beautiful options that I wanted to share with you all, just in case you are on the hunt too 💕.

#1- Kassidy Platform Bed


I LOVE this bed! It has a very luxurious and masculine feel! It comes in both light grey and dark grey. Right now this bed is on sale, $581 for the Queen size and $700 for the King Size. This bed is available here.

Grey Tufted Bed.jpg

This is the bed that actually made the cut! It’s being delivered now 🤗. This bed is available here.


This bed is similar to the last one, only this one features a 7ft tall wingback headboard! Get this bed here.


I think this bed is super chic and cute! Shop this bed here.


Who wouldn’t want an emerald green tufted bed?! Shop this bed here.


😍OMG! A PINK velvet bed?! Say no more! Shop this bed here.


This bed also comes in a very interesting purple color. Shop this bed here.


I liked this bed because it’s very simple, and its under $300. Shop this bed here.


This one was also a top contender in the running for our bedroom. The entire bed is less than $190 Shop this bed here.

#10- Sandoval Velvet Upholstered Bed


This simple tufted bed also comes in a royal blue color. Shop this bed here.


Something about this bed screamed 80’s luxury to me! Shop this bed here.


This bed seems super cozy. Shop this bed here.


Oh the luxury! I love this bed I wish I’d seen it before the king size sold out 😩. Shop this bed here.

IMG_4565 2.JPG

This bed is less than $160. Need I say more? Shop this bed here.

IMG_4566 2.JPG

This bed gives me super regal vibes! This one is also under $200. Shop this bed here.

Did any of these tufted beds catch your eye?