How I'm Only Paying $50 for New My Bed

Grey Tufted Bed.jpg

We’re moving into a new home and I could not be more thrilled! This home is a completely blank canvas and I am SO excited to be in control of designing a space that my family will live, love, and grow in!

With that being said, the first piece of furniture that I decided to buy for our new house is a tufted bed for our master bedroom.

I have a thing for anything luxurious and girly but I wanted to make sure that I was able to get what I wanted while still making sure that my husband would feel equally as luxurious in our new bed throne.

Wayfair is one of my top choices when it comes to buying any furniture for the home (next is Amazon 😊). Lucky for me Wayfair was having a sale this past weekend on-you guessed it- beds!

Although there were many beds that caught my eye, I felt love at first sight with this one, and my husband agreed 🤗.

Grey Tufted Headboard.jpg

The original price for the bed that I chose was over $1,200 but the sale price was only $649 (plus $25 for the sheets that I wanted) , which is not bad AT ALL for a king sized tufted bed AND a full king sized sheet set!

I got approved for the Wayfair credit card and I also received an offer for special 12-month financing with zero interest!

After I placed my order, for some odd reason I got an email saying that they were canceling my order and that I needed to call the Wayfair customer service number. I got connected to a lovely agent named Amy who was able to replace my order AND give me an additional 10% off!

With the monthly financing I only pay about $50 per month for 12 months and my first payment isn’t even until November (although I tried to call and make a payment immediately 😂).

I am in LOVE with this bed and I cannot wait until it comes! Until then I’ll be waiting in my lawn chair by the mailbox!

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